Warzywa POMOC [vegetables HELP]

Probiotic for vegetables

The problem of transplanting stress is an integral part of growing many vegetable species. Due to the lack of a proper balance between the various organisms (bacteria, fungi, etc.) that develop on the surface of the plant, the transfer of cuttings to the ground results in a decrease in the plants’ resistance to various pathogens and unfavourable conditions in the surrounding environment. This weakens their growth and development. The application of the preparation effectively restores the microflora of plants, creating on their surface a barrier limiting the infestation of plants by various pathogenic microorganisms. Properly selected bacterial species composition stimulates proper plant development. The preparation is intended for preventive use in vegetable cultivation.

Effects of application

  • supporting plant development,
  • improving the appearance of fruit
  • better leaf and fruit growth,
  • improving the health of plants,
  • increase in fruit size and quality,
  • impact on reducing the use of plant protection products,
  • reducing chemical residues in vegetables