Microbial seed treatment

The preparation favourably influences plant vegetation by stimulating its growth in a direct and indirect manner. Direct plant growth stimulation by microorganisms contained in the preparation improves the efficiency of plants’ uptake of mineral nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and iron), synthesis of phytohormones stimulating the development of the root system and aboveground parts of plants (auxins, cytokines and gibberellins), as well as reduces the level of ethylene, which in high concentrations adversely affects the rooting of plants.

Indirect plant growth promotion by the microorganisms present in SuperPower involves inhibiting the growth of pathogens by competing for the niche and nutrients needed for their growth and producing metabolites with antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral effects.

100 g 1 kg

Effects of application

  • ensuring better and more uniform germination
  • increasing seedling vigour
  • improving plant nutrition
  • stimulating plant growth

Composition of the preparation

The preparation contains selected bacterial strains of high concentration.

Application / for seed treatment

How much to apply of the preparation?

Cereals, maize: 1 kg / 1 tonne of seed Rapeseed: 0.5 kg / 1 tonne of seed

How much to apply of water?

approx. 0.5 l / 1 tonne of seed to be treated


Before sowing, dissolve the required amount of preparation in a small amount of water (about 0.5 litres) by shaking vigorously, add the obtained solution to the mortar, mix, and mortar as usual.