Preparation for revitalising the soil environment

It introduces micro-organisms useful for the soil environment, which contribute to the restoration of a proper microbiological balance. As a result of its application, soil regeneration takes place and the soil composition undergoes favourable modification. It accelerates decomposition of straw and other organic substances, which improves soil fertility and plant health. The preparation has the richest microbiological composition among preparations of similar application available on the market.

0,5L 1L 5L 30L

Effects of application

  • restores the microbiological balance of the ecosystem, disturbed by
  • erosion, fires, use of chemicals and other factors
  • accelerates mineralization of crop residues, manure and other
  • natural organic fertilisers,
  • improves soil fertility and the biological value of plant products,
  • triggers important biochemical reactions in the soil environment
  • impact on the transport of macro- and micronutrients causes the release of nutrients that are difficult for plants to access,
  • reduces plant pathogenic bacteria and fungi in the soil environment, thus reducing the use of plant protection products,
  • improves the health of crops, reduces odours when fertilising fields with slurries and manures.

Composition of the preparation

The preparation contains carefully selected bacterial strains from 8 genera with high concentration.

Spray application

How much to apply of the preparation?

1 L / 1 ha

How much to apply of water?

200-500 l water / 1 ha


  • After harvest, treat stubble and mix evenly with soil after application.
  • Before sowing/planting, carry out a soil treatment, after application mix evenly with soil.
  • In orchard crops, perform a soil treatment before establishing the orchard, and mix evenly with soil after application.
  • Apply at least once a year, treatment may be repeated 2-3 times during the growing season
  • For detailed scope of application see pages 42-50.


The preparation can be used with all crop protection chemicals except fungicides and with fertilisers.
The preparation can be used in fertigation.
The preparation can also be used for watering plants with the 0.2% solution (2 ml in 1 l of water).
The preparation can also be used for soaking seedlings, bulbs, tubers, rhizomes with a 0.2% solution (2 ml in 1 l of water) for 4-8 hours.