PrzymrozekSOS [FrostSOS]

Cryoprotectant to increase temporary frost resistance of plants

PrzymrozekSOS [frostSTOP] is used to protect plants against occasional frosts and low temperatures. Its application reduces damage to flower buds and flowers, thus reducing damage caused by spring frost in field, orchard and berry crops. High effectiveness of the preparation is due to a precisely selected composition of cryoprotectants, which complement each other

1 L 5 L

Effects of application

  • increases the temporary resistance of plants to spring frosts,
  • accelerates plant recovery after frost has passed,
  • reduces damage to flower buds and flowers caused by spring frosts in fruit and berry crops,
  • reduces frost damage

The preparation has no withdrawal or waiting period and is completely safe for humans, animals and the environment

Dosage and use

Field crops – for 1 ha dilute an appropriate amount of the preparation (table) in 250-300 litres of water..
Orchards and berries – For 1 ha, dilute the appropriate amount of preparation (table) in 450-500 litres of water.

CAUTION! Working fluid should be prepared with the sprayer agitator running. Shake the closed container several times before pouring the preparation into water. Liquid stratification is a natural phenomenon and does not constitute a product defect.

  • Application should be carried out at least 8 hours before the expected frost.
  • A single application protects for 3-4 days.
  • If frost lasts longer, the treatment should be repeated.
  • The effectiveness is determined by the timing of the spray and the choice of dose.
  • Too low a dose may reduce the effectiveness of the preparation.

Selection of the application rate depending on the expected frost temperature.

Temperature of expected frost / (Application rate per ha)
-6°C (1,7 l)  |  -5°C (1,4 l)  |  -4°C (1,3 l)  |  -3°C (1,2 l)  |  -2°C (1,0 l)  |  -1°C (0,9 l)