Ozdobne POMOC [ornamental plants HELP]

Probiotic for ornamental plants

An adequate composition of probiotic bacteria on the surface of leaves and other plant organs stimulates optimal plant development and naturally inhibits the activity of certain pathogenic organisms. Plants that have a disturbed microbiological balance often succumb to fungal diseases that attack stems and leaves as well as flowers and fruits. Application of the Ozdobne POMOC preparation improves the health of plants and stimulates them to optimal growth and development. Probiotic bacteria contained in the preparation create a microbiological barrier on the plant, which limits the place for pathogen development and at the same time favourably influences a number of important physiological processes necessary for their proper functioning.

Effects of application

  • increasing in plant vigour,
  • improving the efficiency of plant nutrition,
  • stimulation of plant growth and fruit development
  • improving the health of plants,
  • reduction of plant stress caused by quilting and transplanting
  • promoting plant regeneration after a stress factor
  • impact on reducing the amount of plant protection products used,
  • impact on reducing chemical residues in the crop.