Microbiological preparation stimulating regeneration and development of plants damaged by European corn borer

OstriniaSTOP [Ostrinia nubilalisSTOP] positively influences the quantity and quality of maize yield by reducing the occurrence of European corn borer larvae. The preparation contains selected bacteria and plant extracts responsible for changing habitat conditions on leaves, stems and cobs, which makes plants less attractive for feeding and colonizing by the European corn borer. Reducing caterpillar feeding in cobs also reduces secondary infestation by mycotoxin-producing fungi

100 g 1 kg

Composition and effect

The preparation contains selected bacterial strains with a high concentration of not less than 1×1010 cfu/g.


100 g/ha, recommended water quantity 200-400 l/ ha.
Apply at the stage BBCH 15-19 of maize (beginning of June), when butterflies fly out of pupae. In the case of numerous and long-lasting corn borer infestations, the preparation can be applied again after approximately 4 weeks from the first treatment, using a stilt sprayer. Apply in the late afternoon and evening, preferably in high humidity..

The preparation can be used together with foliar fertilisers and plant protection products, with the exception of fungicides.

Effects of application

  • improves the condition of maize crops
  • reduces the use of plant protection products
  • increases green matter yield (maize for fodder) and grain yield (maize for grain)
  • improves crop quality
  • increases the processing quality of crops