Biostimulant for plant growth

imPROver+ contains simple phenolic compounds naturally occurring in plants. It influences the development of the root system and stimulates plant growth resulting in increased biomass. It increases the yield-forming potential by improving the quality of the crop (increase in the number of pods and seeds in the pod) and its parameters (gluten, oily, BRIX). Stimulates many biochemical processes important in counteracting the effects of environmental stress as well as those affecting the increase of plant resistance to diseases and pests.

0,5L 1L 5L 30L

Effects of application

  • stimulates plants to grow faster,,
  • inmcreases plant vigour during growth,
  • increases plant tolerance to stress factors,,
  • accelerates plant regeneration in response to adverse environmental factors
  • increases the natural resistance of plants to mechanical damage
  • impedes the penetration and growth of pathogens
  • improves plant health,
  • increases yield and quality.

Composition of the preparation

Potassium para-nitrophenolate, potassium ortho-nitrophenolate and potassium nitroguaiacolate..

Spray application

How much to apply of the preparation?

Orchard crops:
recommended concentration 0,2%
(0.2 l in 100 l of water).
Other crops: 0,3-1 l/1 ha

How much to apply of water?

Orchard crops:
500 l water/1 ha
Other crops:
200-500 l water/1 ha


  • The first treatment should be carried out in the early phases of development
  • Treatment may be repeated at 20-30 day intervals
  • In case of stress factors, treat as soon as possible
  • For detailed scope of application see pages 42-50.


Do not apply more than 3 l/1 ha in total in one growing season.
The preparation can also be used for watering plants with a 0.1-0.2% solution (1-2 ml in 1 l of water).
The preparation can be used with all plant protection products and fertilisers.