Microbial mortar creating unfavourable conditions for the development of gangrene

ZgorzelStop [RotStop]]creates the right conditions for the growth of cereals. The metabolites produced by the bacteria stimulate the natural resistance of plants and influence their regenerative abilities. Plants in the early stages of development are exposed to a number of unfavourable conditions that favour the development of undesirable microflora. One of the most frequent diseases of cereal plants is stem base rot (caused by Gaeumannomycesgraminis in Latin).

100 g 1 kg

Effects of application

  • stimulation of cereal development
  • impact on better development of the root system
  • improvement of overwintering
  • reduction in the use of plant protection products
  • impact on yield growth and quality
  • Increase in the processing quality of grain
  • improvement of Thousand Seed Rate

Composition of the preparation

The preparation consists of selected bacterial strains with a concentration of min. 10¹⁰cfu/g.

Dosage and use

Treatment: 100 g / 100 kg of grain..
Preparation of the mixture in connection with treatment: Dissolve the required amount of preparation in water in a ratio of 1:5 (e.g. 100 g of preparation per 500 ml of water). It is recommended to use water at room temperature
Best treated up to 72 hours before sowing. Can be used on other crops at risk of blight..

The preparation can be used with other available chemical treatments