Microbiological preparation to stimulate the regeneration and development of plants damaged by delia

DeliaSTOP is a microbiological preparation, which reduces the number of plants infested with cabbage brown rot (Delia radicum). It consists of a microbiological composite and carefully selected plant extracts responsible for the development of the correct microflora on roots, stems and leaves of cabbage plants. After the application of the preparation plants become less attractive to DeliaSTOP also has the effect of limiting the development of cabbage maggot larvae in the soil by creating unfavourable conditions for their existence.

100 g 1 kg

Composition and effect

The preparation contains selected bacterial strains with a high concentration of not less than 1010 cfu/g

Application Spraying:

The preparation should be applied to the soil immediately before sowing/planting, after the application it should be mixed evenly with the soil.
In oilseed rape, apply by spraying up to the four leaf stage.
For brassica vegetables, spray as soon as possible after planting..
In the event of a high incidence of the garlic fly, the preparation should be applied topically and then sprayed on the plants after approx. 4 weeks.

Soaking of seedlings:
Dissolve 200 g of the product in 10 litres of water. Soak seedlings intended for planting 1 ha before planting.
For best results, the preparation should be applied in the late afternoon, preferably in high humidity.
The preparation can be used with foliar fertilisers and all plant protection products except fungicides.

Effects of application

  • stimulates root system development
  • enables plants to overwinter better
  • improves the condition of brassica crops
  • reduces the use of plant protection products
  • increases yield and quality