Restoration of bacterial microflora in fruit orchards and berry groves

The bacteria contained in the preparation restore the natural microflora on the plant surface. Due to their high concentration and high reproduction capacity, the beneficial bacteria quickly colonise the plant and compete with harmful microorganisms, reducing the surface area necessary for the development of many pathogens. Thus, the application of the preparation supports the healthy development of plants and improves their yield.

100 g 1 kg

Effects of application

  • improving the efficiency of plant nutrition
  • stimulation of vegetative and generative growth,,
  • increase in shoot growth,
  • improving the health of plants,
  • beneficial effect on the ‘rejuvenation’ of plantations,
  • increase in marketable yield and quality,
  • promoting plant regeneration after a stress factor,
  • increase in the storage value of the fruit,
  • impact on reducing chemical residues in fruit.

Composition of the preparation

The preparation contains 22 carefully selected bacterial strains of high concentration – more than 1 x 10¹⁰cfu in 1 gram.

Spray application

How much to apply of the preparation?

1 kg / 1 ha

How much to apply of water?

recommended water quantity 500-1200 l/1 ha


  • Start spring treatments as soon as 50% of the leaves have formed on the plant..
  • Repeat the treatment every 14-21 days.
  • Carry out autumn treatments after the harvest..
  • It is recommended to apply the preparation a minimum of three times during the growing season
  • Treatments should be carried out in the late afternoon or evening.
  • For detailed scope of application see pages 42-50


The preparation can be used with all plant protection products except fungicides and with foliar fertilisers.
The preparation is intended for prophylactic use.