Recovery of microbial flora in field crops

The preparation is intended for hygienization of field crops. During sowing into the ground, cereal and oilseed grains often find themselves in an environment where intensive agrochemical treatments cause significant microbiological imbalance. The germinating grains and then seedlings are then colonised by undesirable microflora. The preparation prevents undesirable microorganisms from colonising plants in the early development phases by introducing into the soil appropriate cultures of bacteria isolated from the natural environment.o

100 g 1 kg

Effects of application

  • increasing in plant vigour,
  • improving the efficiency of plant nutrition,
  • stimulation of vegetative and generative growth,,
  • promoting plant regeneration after a stress factor
  • improving the health of plants,
  • reducing chemical residues in the crop,
  • increase in crop growth and quality.

Composition of the preparation

The preparation contains 10 carefully selected bacterial strains of high concentration – more than 1 x 10¹⁰cfu in 1 gram.

Spray application

How much to apply of the preparation?

1 kg / 1 ha

How much to apply of water?

recommended water quantity 200-300 l/1 ha


  • The first treatment is recommended to be carried out in the early development stages of the crop.
  • Application examples: early renewal of winter crops, at flowering stage, maize: from 3-4 leaves, up to 60 cm, oilseed rape: from 4th leaf stage to budding
  • It is recommended to apply the preparation a minimum of three times during the growing season
  • For detailed scope of application see pages 42-50.
  • For best results the preparation should be used in the late afternoon and evening.


The preparation can be used with all plant protection products except fungicides and with foliar fertilisers.
The preparation is intended for prophylactic use.