Plant growth stimulator

AzotoPower contains bacteria from the genera Azotobacter and Arthrobacter. These are slow-living and non-biotic microorganisms used in various crops, assimilating 15-50 kg of N/ha per year. The bacteria contained in the product reduce atmospheric nitrogen to forms available to plants, thereby supplying them with nitrogen – the most important yield-forming nutrient.

Bacteria contained in AzotoPower also belong to the group of plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPR). They stimulate the synthesis of phytohormones (e.g. cytokinins, gibberellins), improve the development of the root system and the effectiveness of plant nutrition, as well as support resistance to stress.

The use of AzotoPower allows you to reduce the doses of nitrogen fertilizers, increases yield and improves its quality. In addition, the products of bacterial metabolism and the nitrogen assimilated by them enrich the soil, improving its fertility and yield of succeeding crops.

100 g 1kg

Application effects

  • atmospheric nitrogen fixation and making it available to plants
  • plant growth and development stimulation
  • reduction in the use of mineral fertilisers

Composition of the preparation

The preparation contains selected strains of bacteria of the Azotobacter and  Arthrobactero genera with a high concentration of not less than 1 x 10⁹jtk/g



Amount of preparation?


Amount of water?

200-400 l/ha


  • Field crops: pre-sowing by ground spraying during vegetation: sowing, after emergence, in bush-covering phase, in spring after vegetation damage by foliar spraying directly on crop residues with Rewital Pro+
  • Orchard crops: at any stage of active growth by spraying in the herbicide belt
  • Vegetable crops: pre-sowing or before planting as a bottom dressing in any active growth phase as a foliar spray
  • Ornamental plants, grassland: at any stage of active growth as a foliar spray

For best results, apply in the late afternoon and evening during higher humidity


The preparation can be used with fertilisers and all plant protection products except fungicides.